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The Nepali cuisine, also known as the cuisine of the Himalayas, bears its uniqueness by incorporating the two great culinary traditions of the region, Indian and Tibetan, into a mainstream culinary culture of its own, which reflects the geographic and demographic diversity of the Himalayas. Nepal, a tiny country by any geographic measurements, stretches from the lowlands of the sub-tropical Terai plains in the south to the highlands of the Himalayas, as dominated by the majestic reign of Mt. Everest, in the north.  Hence, Nepal has resurrected its own unique cultural identity into a harmonious culture, combining different traditions of different indigenous cultures rooting on all corners of the country.

The Nepali staple consists primarily of rice, wheat, corn, lentils coupled with fresh vegetables and meats. A typical Nepali every-day meal can be characterized by Dal (lentil soups), Bhat (steamed rice) and Tarkari (vegetable preparations), also known as "The Trinity", supplemented by some meat preparations. Typical Himalayan dishes include Dals (lentils preparations), Tarkaris (curried vegetables or meats), Bhutuwas (stir-fried meats or vegetables), Sekuwas (grilled meats or vegetables), Choylas (grilled meats marinated in seasoned musturd oil), rotis (bread preparations), MOMO's (stuffed dumplings), Thukpas and Chow-Chows (Himalayan stewed and stir-fried noodles), Sukutis (smoked barbeques), Quantees (meat or vegetable stews with sprouted beans), Achars (chutney preparations), Chiya (spiced or regular tea), and many others. Many Nepali dishes are derived from the great culinary tradition of the indigenous Newari culture, native to the Kathmandu Valley.

Nepali cooking involves basic culinary techniques, such as currying (stewing), stir-frying ("Bhuteko"), grilling ("Sekeko" or "Poleko"),  smoking ("Sukaeko"), deep-frying ("Tareko"), braising ("Usineko"), marinating ("Sadheko"), tempering ("Jhaneko"),  and steaming ("Baphaeko").

Nepali food, which is simple and subtle in flavor, is prepared by using unique blend of common ingredients and spices. Commonly used flavoring ingredients are garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander, turmeric, nutmeg, bay leaves, black pepper, chilies, onions, cilantro, and scallions. Also, distinct Himalayan flavors are derived from the use of such unique spices asTimur (Szechwan pepper, commonly used in marinades and achars) and Jimbu (Himalayan herb, used fresh or dry), found only in the Himalayas.  In addition, most dishes are flavored with mustard oil, clarified butter (ghee), and sometimes Yak butter. Because of harsh conditions prevailing in the highlands of the Himalayas, foods are preserved by dehydrating or fermenting staple ingredients during their growing season. Examples include Sukuti (dehydrated meat) and Gundruk (fermented vegetables). A typical full-course Nepali meal would include an appetizer, a vegetable or lentil soup, two or more vegetable and meat preparations, and an achar or chutney, served with roti (flat wheat bread), steamed rice or rice pilaf, supplemented with a local beverage, such as yogurt drink (lassi), beer or liquor, and followed by a dessert and tea.

Author: Dr. Tulsi Regmi, George Brown College, Toronto, Canada

Creative Nepali Recipes


- Potato Chop
- Samosa
- Chicken Satay
- Chili Papad
- Wild Boar Choyla
- Chicken Phuraula
- Stuffed Phuraula
- Kathmandu Spring Rolls
- Lamb Kothey
- Lamb Tareko
- Bandel Bhutuwa
- Chicken Chilli Rolls
- Stuffed Chatamari
- Nepali Chicken Wings


- Lamb Choyla
- Lamb Cauliflower Tarkari
- Lamb Thukpa
- Lamb Tomato Tarkari
- Lamb Spinach Tarkari
- Lamb Daikon Tarkari
- Lamb Sukuti Chili
- Lamb Chili Meatballs
- Keema Sekuwa
- Lamb Chili Bhutuwa
- Lamb Tarkari
- Lamb Bhutuwa
- Lamb Sukuti
- Gorkhali Lamb Cutlets
- Lamb Saag Tarkari
- Lamb Pumpkin Tarkari
- Lamb Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
- Lamb Chili Sekuwa
- Gorkhali Lamb Chili
- Keema Bhutuwa
- Lamb Pakuwa
- Lamb Poleko
- Lamb Sekuwa


- Gundruk Suruwa
- Lamb Quantee
- Spinach & Lentil Suruwa
- Chickpea Suruwa
- Nepali Dal
- Lamb Barley Soup
- Vegeterian Quantee


- Himalayan Sekuwa
- Gorkhali Chicken Chili
- Mango Chicken Tarkari
- Jwanu Chicken Tarkari
- Chicken Chow Chow
- Duck Tareko
- Royal Chicken Tarkari
- Chicken Eggplant Bhutuwa
- Chicken Zucchini Bhutuwa
- Chicken Tareko
- Chicken Sukuti
- Chicken Poleko
- Gorkhali Chicken Chop
- Duck Sukuti
- Duck Tarkari
- Chicken Sekuwa
- Chicken Tomato Tarkari
- Chicken Bhutuwa
- Chicken Tarkari
- Chicken Momo
- Chicken Sukuti Chili
- Mushroom Chicken Tarkari
- Duck Poleko


- Nepali Vegetable Momo
- Classic Momo Achar
- Masala Momo
- Sherpa Momo Achar
- Sweet Momo Achar
- Nepali Shrimp Momo
- Tibetan Momo
- Classic Sherpa Momo
- Classic Nepali Momo
- Chicken Momo
- Kathmandu Delight Momo
- Sekuwa Momo
- Gorkhali Sweet Momo
- Paneer Momo


- Cheese Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
- Pumpkin Vine Tips Tarkari
- Vegetable Thukpa
- Masaura & Potato Tarkari
- Mixed Vegetable Tarkari
- Cauliflower & Potato
- Asparagus Bhutuwa
- Paneer Bhutuwa
- Beans & Bamboo Shoots Tarkari
- Bitter Melon Tarkari
- Chickpea Tarkari
- Mustard Green Bhutuwa
- Eggplant Bhutuwa


- Himalayan Salty Butter Tea
- Nepali Specied Chiya
- Mango Lassi
- Nepali Chiya
- Lassi
- Papaya Lassi


- Cucumber Achar
- Ginger Chili Achar
- Tomato Achar
- Mango Chutney
- Chili Achar
- Himalayan Chutney
- Potato Achar
- Spiced Gundruk
- Momo Achar
- Gundruk Sadheko
- Garlic Chili Achar
- Radish Achar
- Tomato Shrimp Achar


- Khir
- Carrot Barfi
- Rasbari
- Arsa
- Nepali Pistachio Ice Cream
- Selroti
- Dudhbari
- Sikarni
- Nepali Mango Ice Cream
- Khuwa Barfi
- Nepali Chiya
- Anarasa
- Cheese Barfi


- Fish Sekuwa
- Shrimp Sekuwa
- Himalayan Sesame Shrimp
- Lapsi Shrimp Tarkari
- Fish Poleko
- Shrimp Choyla
- Himalayan Mango Shrimp
- Fish Tarkari
- Fish Tareko
- Shrimp Bhutuwa
- Fish Chilli Bhutuwa
- Fish Sukuti
- Gorkhali Shrimp Chili


- Seafood Sekuwa Marinade
- Nepali Chicken Masala
- Nepali Garam Masala
- Nepali Seafood Masala
- Nepali Meat Masala
- Chicken Sekuwa Marinade
- Lamb Sekuwa Marinade
- Nepali Vegetable Masala
- Sukuti Marinade

Rice & Rotis

- Gorkhali Stuffed Naan
- Stuffed Roti
- Himalayan Rice Pilaf
- Roti
- Nepali Steamed Rice
- Rice Bhuteko
- Gorkhali Naan
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