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Explore Nepal started in 1998 to bring Nepal online on the World Wide Web, from the humble beginning, it has grown to markup the history of Nepal's Internet. It has been a pioneer in unleashing the power of the Internet for Nepalese community, and it will continue to lead the industry through innovation with its singular focus on serving the needs of the people around the world seeking information about Nepal.

Explore Nepal became The First Search Engine/Web Directory of Nepal. It has been empowering users by providing easy-to-use search and directory services, travel guide, news, and many other services.

With more than a decade long history, Explore Nepal has been refreshing and adopting latest technologies to provide more services by innovating information delivery appliations throughout its website.

Our mission is to provide exposures to Nepal and Nepal related sites on the Internet, and introduce Nepal to the world. Explore Nepal pledges to serve the world as an extensive destination for exploring and researching about Nepal on the World Wide Web.

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- Lonely Planet Nepal - Published by Lonely Planet Publications Pty. Ltd. (2012)
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Nepal Standard Time
February 27, 2024, 7:00 AM
Foreign Exchange Rates
s="text-info font-weight-semi-bold font-size-s">(For the purpose of Nepal Rastra Bank Note: Under the present system the open market exchange rates quoted by different banks may differ.
Currency Unit Buy Sell
U.S. Dollar 1 132.33 132.93
European Euro 1 143.62 144.27
UK Pound Sterling 1 168.01 168.77
Swiss Franc 1 150.55 151.24
Australian Dollar 1 86.72 87.12
Canadian Dollar 1 97.91 98.35
Singapore Dollar 1 98.47 98.92
Japanese Yen 10 8.79 8.83
Chinese Yuan 1 18.39 18.47
Saudi Arabian Riyal 1 35.28 35.44
Qatari Riyal 1 36.29 36.45
Thai Baht 1 3.69 3.71
UAE Dirham 1 36.03 36.19
Malaysian Ringgit 1 27.70 27.83
South Korean Won 100 9.94 9.99
Swedish Kroner 1 12.87 12.93
Danish Kroner 1 19.27 19.35
Hong Kong Dollar 1 16.92 16.99
Kuwaity Dinar 1 430.05 432.00
Bahrain Dinar 1 351.03 352.62