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Nepal News Headline
  • Communist parties set for majority in Nepal elections
    A left-wing alliance has won the majority of seats in Nepal's parliament, preliminary results from the electoral commission indicated late Sunday. According to French news agency AFP, the Communist CPN-UML party and the former Maoist rebels were set to win 84 seats, while the ruling center-left Nepali ...

  • Nepal election: Leftist alliance set for victory
    An opposition alliance between Nepal's two, major communist parties has a strong lead in landmark post-war parliamentary and provincial elections, according to preliminary results. Nepal's Election Commission said on Saturday that the coalition between the Communist Party of Nepal - United Marxist ...

  • Next Door Nepal: Virtues of soft power
    Gaya in Bihar is a “must” destination for Hindu pilgrims from Nepal visiting India. They believe that certain rituals and prayers offered there will liberate the soul of their ancestors. A poster of a Hindu religious preacher stuck on the walls of Pashupatinath temple, a major shrine that devout Hindus visit from ...

  • Communist parties win majority in Nepal vote
    KATHMANDU: An alliance of Nepal's former Maoist rebels and the main Communist party have won a majority of seats in parliamentary elections and are expected to form the next government, according to preliminary results from the election commission late Sunday (Dec 10). The Communist CPN-UML ...

  • Meet Nepal's man in Tibet, building bridges on the roof of the world
    High on the Tibetan plateau, Gobinda Karkee holds one of the most enviable diplomatic postings in the world. As Nepal's consul-general to Lhasa, Karkee is the head of the only diplomatic mission based in Tibet, enjoying unparalleled access to the ethnically sensitive region in China's far west. The wider ...

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Nepal Standard Time
December 11, 2017, 3:21 PM
Foreign Exchange Rates
Currency Unit Buying/Rs. Selling/Rs.
 U.S. Dollar 1 102.82 103.42
 European Euro 1 120.96 121.67
 UK Pound Sterling 1 137.63 138.43
 Swiss Franc 1 103.58 104.19
 Australian Dollar 1 77.17 77.62
 Canadian Dollar 1 80.06 80.53
 Singapore Dollar 1 76.04 76.48
 Japanese Yen 10 9.06 9.11
 Chinese Yuan 1 15.53 15.62
 Saudi Arabian Riyal 1 27.42 27.58
 Qatari Riyal 1 28.24 28.40
 Thai Baht 1 3.15 3.17
 UAE Dirham 1 27.99 28.16
 Malaysian Ringgit 1 25.15 25.30
 South Korean Won 100 9.41 9.46
 Swedish Kroner 1 12.17 12.24
 Danish Kroner 1 16.25 16.35
 Hong Kong Dollar 1 13.17 13.25
 Kuwaity Dinar 1 340.29 342.28
 Bahrain Dinar 1 272.62 274.21
Note: Under the present system the open market exchange rates quoted by different banks may differ.
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Today's Weather Forcast
StationMaximum Temp.*(°C)Minimum Temp.(°C)24 hrs Rainfall (mm)
* The maximum temp. as recorded yesterday afternoon