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  • Youths are key to achieving SDGs in Nepal
    The guide for Nepali young people says youth can inspire communities to break limitations and prejudices, raise their voices to spread messages, carry out actions and review the progress of SDGs and hold their government accountable. It has 17 case studies featuring prolific youth activists and ...

  • Ancient bull fighting festival begins in Nepal
    Nuwakot [Nepal], Jan 16 (ANI): The atmosphere was filled with festive fervor and dust hovered above the field as the age-old bullfighting festival commenced here. The first day of the 10th month as per the Lunar Calendar, Magh is noted with the feast of Molasses. But in the mountainous district of Nuwakot, about 75 ...

  • Principal's special Xmas gift to Nepal
    Gavin McCormack, the new principal at Farmhouse Montessori in Manly, spent the festive season finishing a new school in Kavre in the Himalayas. Gavin McCormack, the new principal at Farmhouse Montessori in Manly, with the old school — basically just a shed. He raised $30,000 to get the school off ...

  • Nepal to introduce aeronautics engineering in cooperation with ...
    KATHMANDU, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- Nepal is soon introducing aeronautics and astronautics engineering program at the universities for the first time in cooperation with a Chinese university, officials said on Monday. Participating in the three-day joint academic workshop jointly organized by Nepal's Tribhuvan ...

  • Indo-Nepalese shared culture and history make relation unique ...
    He said that around 32,000 Nepalese Grokha soldiers serving in Indian Army and there are 90,000 Indian Army pensioners in Nepal. Ambassador Puri said that these people are contributing in nation building by gainfully utilizing the skills acquired during the course of their service in the Indian Army.

  • Nepal in dilemma
    Beijing seems to be fully aware of the possible anti-China activities just 30-km inside Nepali territory. This is the reason that the Chinese have asked for a joint command mechanism. Sindhupalchowk CDO Asman Tamang is quite clear about the Chinese concern. He says “Chinese authorities do not have ...

  • With new Chinese link, Nepal ends India's Internet monopoly
    KATHMANDU: Nepal has joined hands with China to offer Internet services to its citizens, officials said on Jan 12, ending India's decades-long monopoly ... us an alternative to India for cyber connectivity and ensure uninterrupted connections," Pratibha Vaidya, a Nepal Telecom spokeswoman, told Reuters.

  • Nobody cares about the Communist takeover in Nepal
    The Communists are taking over in Nepal, and nobody cares. Thirty years ago, it would have caused a grave international crisis; fifty years ago, there would even have been talk of foreign military intervention. Today — nothing. Outside Nepal, it has barely made the news at all. In the grand old Marxist ...

  • Nepal's Organic Manure Could Work Wonders For Indian Farmers
    It's the same with Nepal's farmers. Both countries have a large proportion of small farmers, for whom chemical fertilizers and pesticides is not always desirable in the long run, both in terms of cost and maintaining soil health and nutrient balance. Nepal has turned to Jhol Mol, a traditional bio-fertilizer and ...

  • Nepal sign off with victory over Aussies
    Nepal reached the target with 22 balls to spare after man-of-the-match Badela shared an unbroken 137-run partnership for the third wicket with Badri Chaulagain doing the bulk of scoring. Badela was also instrumental in Nepal's historic victory over New Zealand in the Twenty20 World Cup for Blind in ...

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January 16, 2018, 9:02 PM
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