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Includes news, photos and details on Climbing and Mountains of Nepal.

World Elephant Polo Association
The World Elephant Polo Association was formed in 1982 at Tiger Tops jungle Lodge in Royal Chitwan National Park. It can be proved a great resource of Elephant Polo game.

Nepal Kyokushin Karate
It is a way to develop and maintain physical strength, learn effective self-defense techniques, and a way of life that transcends the physical aspects of training. Kyokushin karate is Budo Karate.

Seven Summits
The 7 Summits, Trips, Statistics, Forum, Information and FAQs of the highest peaks of the 7 Continents.

News, latest updates and geographical details of the himalayas by the Climbers.

Mt. Everest Medical Station features information about Guide to high altitude medicine, stories and news updates.

Includes lodging, trekking, cultural information, and tourist attractions.

Information about arranging a trek in Nepal, including travel suggestions, equipment recommendations, and links to trekking outfitters.

Visit Nepal Network
Travel information network for your recreation ranging from trekking, hotels, tours, rafting, biking, safari, adventure and treks in Nepal.

Nepali Sports
A complete Nepali sports portal covering all sports & events of Nepal, dedicated to all the Nepali Sports lovers and Fans.

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