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Hotel Jagat
An economy hotel in Jyatha, Thamel. Contains a profile and information about services, facilities and tariffs.

Hotel Melungtse
Twelve room hotel in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu. Contains a profile, and briefs on accommodation, tariffs and location.

Hotel Karma
Located in Thamel. Contains information on facilities, dining, tariffs and accommodation.

The Amar’s Hotel
A Department of Tourism approved hotel in Tahachal. Includes details on tariffs, accommodation and facilities.

Hotel Green Peace
The new centuries deluxe hotel in Pokhara. It is the 21st century destination for world travelers and tourists in search of cheap and the best in ambience, facilities and services.

Hotel Poon Hill
Located in Chettrapati, Thamel. Contains a profile, overview of services, and pricing details.

Hotel Norling Pvt. Ltd.
Located in Jyatha, Thamel. Contains information about the hotel, including briefs on accommodation, tariffs, facilities and location.

Hotel Thamel
A 47 room hotel in Thamel. Contains information on dining, tariffs, accommodation, services and facilities.

Ace Hotels and Resorts
A hotel group running the Marcopolo Business Hotel, Hotel Ambassador, Club Himalaya Resort, The Tea House Inn and Crocodile Cottage. Contains information about group subsidiaries, including tariffs, facilities and accommodation.

Hotel Yak & Yeti
The embodiment of history, legend and tradition, the Hotel Yak and Yeti is a perfect blend of contemporary international standards and time-honored tradition.

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